Rainbow 6
Redstorm Enterainment

Thank God, another FPS, err, hang on?:

Oh what a world we live in, you know the scene, Violence and Terror all over the place. Ok so it’s not actually that severe, and against what most senior citizens believe, it is not caused by computer games. That is why the wonderful genre such as FPS games are so popular, because we can spend most of our time killing every thing you see, and have no remorse. After that you can then quit and go back to your normal life, safe in the knowledge that there is always tomorrow. Now I also know that we are not as weak minded as some people expect us to be, example, the first thing I did after playing Doom for the first time was not rush outside and see what would happen if I stuck the Chainsaw into my neighbor.

We don’t go for it, we know it’s a game, so until they start making ultra-realistic games with high definition graphics and extremely ingenious controls it ain’t gonna happen. Well Rainbow 6 is here and it’s set in what could almost be the real world, with a real plot and with an enemy that is believable (and thankfully it is not you versus an all powerful alien race hell bent on killing every last human.) But despite these rather unique aspects is the game actually any good. Well you know what to do.

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