Motocross Madness
Rainbow Studios/ Microsoft

Acrobats on Acid; see Motocross:

Hmmm i’ll start with a question o.k. How many of you would ride do this thing if given the chance??? Answers on a e-mail to this address Personally I believe that the people who do the stunt’s in real life are clinically insane, except they can get away with it, purely because when the stunt they do goes off alright it looks totally awesome. There lies the pull of a game such as this, imagine you can do all these stunts and if you fall off and land on your head, no biggie, just get up and do it all over again, no loss of life.

So you get the point, no risk’s in computers but then you don’t get any of the thrills of it either. Seeing as this is supposed to be a sim there is no plot, it’s just a go out there and win thing, so let’s get down to buisness then.

Photorealistic, almost:

First in comes the ground textures, when the screen loads and you see what is ahead of you, you will be a bit lost for words. For the purpose of terrain they have gone out and taken some aerial photos of desolate landscapes and then wrapped them of the 3D mesh which equals a hilly, decent looking area in which you can tear around in. Well at least it looks nice from a distance, but just look underneath you and see what happens, hmmm, all detail is lost and it becomes one of those horrible 3D enhanced messes i.e. see Turok.

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