Dominion – Storm over Gift 3
Ion Storm

7th Level, remember them:

This was origanally on the 7th level game creation agenda but they don’t exist anymore so one of dom1.jpg (8224 bytes)their ex-employees (Todd Porter) brought it along with him to Ion Storm and it became their first game, instead of the much delayed Daikaitana. Storyline wise there is nothing new here really. 4 races are fighting on a planet called Gift 3 over some resources (Dark Reign or C&C anyone). Apart from the fact that it is 4 sides instead of 2 is the only difference really. Ion Storm that this game sports constant 30 frame per second action no matter what res your in and they also boast the cure to every RTS fans disease, the cure to dumb A.I. Let’s see if they are telling the truth.

1280*1024 = invisible units:

O.k, the graphic boast was 30 frames per second in any of the 4 resloutions. Problem is that it doesn’t really look nice in any of them. Now although the units are well animated, and nicely drawn, the rest of the graphics a very messy. The terrain, which is the most abundent item is the worst feature, it’s badly drawn and bland which doesn’t exactly show off the talent of the much hyped artists at Ion Storm. And the promise of 30 frame per second gameplay no matter the res is a lie. As always the companies say one thing and deliver another but i’ll get back to this later. Oh and the top two resolutions are mostly pointless as your troops become invisible.

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