Crush Deluxe
Stone Jackel Studios

Never heard of it:

Crush Deluxe, come on you must have heard of it, o.k so maybe you have a point. Crush Deluxe is a Turn based killer sport strategy affair. The enviroment reminds you of Speedball 2 or Wild Cup Soccer (old Amiga game). The only difference is this is turn based. It has you as a new team trying to win the Crush cup and rule the league or something. To tell you the truth i’m not so sure what the point of this game is as you’ll find out soon.

Blind Graphic Artist or?:

Now what on earth is going on here, i’ve seen freeware Amiga games that have looked prettier. What we have here is the same horrible style as Admiral Sea battles, everything is badly drawn and flat and generally horrible. To contemplate this the artists have nicely covered up a third of the screen with a load of buttons and ugly looking info screens. All the other screens in the game are ugly too. Not good at all.

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