Addiction Pinball
Team 17

Old Iron Balls:

Pinball, hmm, Who here has never played a pinball game, ever, I don’t think that there should be any hands showing here. Yup It’s another Pinball game, to go along with the other 500 million pinball games out there, but is it good enough to be called one of the good ones. Well lets see what we have. There are two tables to choose from, one called World Rally Fever, and the other is a Worms table. Both a modelled realisticly and you have a choice of three resolutions, and five different angles to view the tables from. You have a all the functions you would expect to have in a Pinball machine so ,so far all is fine and dandy.

An idiot said to me: "3DFX??":

Sometimes I think that we have taken this 3D thing a bit too far. I mean if it’s a game like Quake 2 or Unreal then 3D is a must, same goes for Freespace and X-wing vs Tie-fighter, I mean who wants to shoot a Bitmap??

But some games, at least for now should be left alone, i.e. War games (RTS in case you misunderstand). However a Pinball game needs to be 3D if it wants to look right, but to ask the title question is plain stupid. What would be the point of "3D Accelerating" a Pinball game, do you want the ball to let off a lens flare every time it passes a light, or have Bi-Linear filtering all over the originally clear drawn table work, nope I don’t think so. Graphically this game is very appealing, very clear and very functional, but how far can you go with a Pinball game, there is really no way to make it look better than the rest if you think about it.

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